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petty complaints Fuck you and your Fancy Shmancy traffic camera
by sirensez on Jun 26, 2013 07:59:46 PM

Gone are the days when an police officer actually writes you a ticket. Yeah I was speeding and yeah I deserve it. For the love of all things holy, if I am gonna get a speeding ticket I want the right to at least attempt to talk my way out of it. Nobody wants to drive the speed limit through your shitty fucking town anyway. It's depressing and I can hear banjos playing in my head.


people To my lovely online friends who have chosen to procreate:
by TheChisa on Jun 26, 2013 04:11:48 AM

Your kids aren't special.


petty complaints What the fuck ever possessed me to buy a boat.
by sirensez on Jun 21, 2013 10:44:11 AM

Summer days spent on the beach with a good book and a six pack of beer, watching my children frolic in the surf. The beautiful marina with conveniently located golf course and restaurant. The prospect of getting away every weekend all summer long. Time spent with my family and friends forgetting about the stress of day to day life. Summer nights spent in the cool breeze laughing and having a few too many gin and tonics. Sounds great right? What could go wrong??


people Does any one love any more?
by clairwell on Jun 10, 2013 09:41:57 PM

Maybe it's just me.


health Getting old(er)
by Andromeda on May 17, 2013 09:26:53 PM

The things that go first and an ancient civilizations own version of "The Fountain of Youth"


general Just Say "Fuck It": The Only Path To Happiness
by TheChisa on Apr 25, 2013 08:11:02 PM

There is exactly one problem with the human race, and that problem is that we take ourselves way too seriously. This deceptively simple platitude can be traced back as the root of all misery, confusion, scorn and conflict for the entirety of human history.


politics Crook County
by WhoCares on Mar 25, 2013 12:53:16 PM

Thanks for taking my hard earned money Shitcago. Dumbfucks!

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petty complaints Starbucks can kick rocks!
by Andromeda on Feb 27, 2013 02:09:32 AM

People usually suck at making tea and that is my main complaint with Starbucks and their tea making ability... or lack there of... Here's everything they're doing wrong and how to make the best cup of tea.


general Religion vs. Body Health and Wellness book.
by Andromeda on Feb 25, 2013 02:14:26 AM

Being raised Roman Catholic, my parents taught us what the church taught us. Which was how to behave well and care about those who were less fortunate. Sometimes when I believed in it greatly, I felt a sense of belonging to something so grand that I had real connections with God or Jesus. (Not once) The religion brought the family together though and kept us close, it was something we all did together on Sundays and depending on certain times through the year; there were special prayers on special wooden beaded rosaries with Latin hymns to sing or candle lighting and quiet moments of prayer.


general The DOT, the DDS, and my grandfather who wants to break my truck.
by doesitmatter on Feb 19, 2013 03:51:39 PM


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