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general Twitter? Are you fucking serious right now?
by grandtheftcondom
gfd messages
( on Apr 28, 2010 07:11:46 PM

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Okay, so maybe I'm a total idiot who has lost touch with real world, but what is up with sites like Twitter?
I honestly thought things couldn't get much worse than myspace, which is obviously a site for people with low self-esteem because who else would want 3287 friends that they've never met? And all those virus encrusted layouts and stupid blogs that no one ever reads. It really makes me want to overdose on Prozac.

But now there is Twitter. Twitter, from what I've gathered, is like myspace. Only with all the cool things taken out of it. All you do is "tweet" about what you are doing RIGHT NOW. Maybe I'm a smart ass, but everytime some other website leads me to twitter I keep expecting this:
AssClown187 is on the computer.
AssClown187 is still on the computer.
AssClown187 is obviously still on the computer if he's typying something online!!
I just don't get why anyone would care about your status so much that they feel the need to know everything that you are doing RIGHT NOW. It's like a website built by stalkers. And now we have smart phones that allow us to update our twitter pages. Are you so pathetic you feel the world needs to know everything you do? And they need to be updated about it every ten seconds? I wish genital herpes on all of you fucking tweeting morons.

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    That was a great rant and everything...
    by scarygermanguy(
    gfd messages
    on Apr 29, 2010 01:04:04 AM
    But could you maybe have tweeted it instead? Reading more than 140 characters at one sitting is rather exhausting.
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    New and Exciting!!!!!
    by murdersgalore(wacking@yourfuneral.cum)
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Apr 29, 2010 10:15:03 AM
    Visit us at See all the asses of the people on Facebook!

    Hey, why not?
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    by The Gaborg(Sidekick in my own life)
    gfd messages
    on Apr 29, 2010 08:46:21 PM
    ...a perfectly legitimate site for common human behavior.
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    Keeping to the 140 character count, here are some tweets I want to see
    by FuckedWife(fuckmerunnin'
    gfd messages
    on May 3, 2010 07:01:55 AM
    1. I don't give a flying fuck about your vacation

    2. My fucking kids are brats, want any of them?

    3. Anderson Cooper just said, wait who gives a fuck?

    4. Did you see Lost? Good shut the fuck up about it.

    and my number one favorite tweet I want to see

    Why the fuck do any of you people give a fuck about me/this?
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    tweeting myspace is hot
    by GT1(
    gfd messages
    on Jun 19, 2010 01:27:04 AM
    I just wish somebody would tweet myspace. I am tired of people wanting to google my facebook. Whats wrong with a little tweeting between consenting adults?
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    by MowingYouDown(Jared W-T is a twat.)
    gfd messages
    on Aug 16, 2010 10:04:15 AM
    Is FUCKING gay. My 'friend' has just set up a fucking account for me.

    I am just about to delete it when-
    'Oh, hello Amber, I didn't know you had Twitter!'

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    twitter sucks like granny's ass
    by iwannascreamfuck
    gfd messages
    on Aug 19, 2010 01:51:11 AM
    a fucking example of using twitter:

    Have turned on computer
    Have started the foreplay
    Computer jizzed
    Fucking slow comp
    What it got? erectile dysfunction?
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    by JasonRoyMehta(
    gfd messages
    on May 14, 2018 08:57:18 AM
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