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by chronkite
gfd messagesAIMMSN
( on Jul 28, 2013 06:14:52 PM

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One super quick way to get your posts removed from my facebook newsfeed is to repost "LIKE IF U LOVE JESUS IGNORE IF YOU R MINION OF SATAN"-type bullshit.

Seriously, grow the fuck up and stop falling for scams. Here's another:

1. Hold your breath & don't breathe until you are done with all the steps.
2. Like this picture
3. LIKE this page -> jesusisasuperhunk c;
4. Comment " Finished! :DD "
5. Breathe out. How do you feel

How do I feel, random facebook meme?

Well, as soon as I get done puking I'm going to bang my head into a wall for three hours, thanks for asking!

Seriously, what kind of pandering, condescending horse shit is that?

And, dear facebook friend, what in the world is wrong with you that you fall for that crap? I am here to read what YOU think about the things that happen to YOU, not reposts of reposts of reposts of softly lit pictures of Jesus. SPARE ME.

Long ago I embraced science and computers and technology as a means of escape from the dark pit of religious dogma, and now at this late date the golden locks and beatific smile of Caucasian Jesus (TM) are the first thing to greet me in the AM?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

So yeah, friends, you're off my newsfeed. Your insistence on propagandizing your religion has ensured that I will not see the cool stuff you might do, the recipe you might share, or the life event that I truly would care to know about.

I know in the long list of horrors that can be directly attributed to religion this one barely registers, but it's sad nonetheless. I'd rather have you around.

But I'd also rather not roll my eyes at you, and I'd rather not be mad before I get out of bed.

Your religion is not a path to enlightenment, it's not a ticket to heaven, it's a divisive, broken and dangerous system of control and coercion, and it's sure as shit not welcome on my screen.


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