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general I can't go to anybody about this rant, because it's about them. I guess I'll have to gfd this.
by nusschen
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on Jul 29, 2013 02:01:04 AM

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Every individual in my family has some way of tightening my chest and tying my stomach into knots. Here are the barest facts:
Mom: 2 Heart attacks and 2 mini-strokes. Perpetual victim and it doesn't need to be. Human doormat. Doesn't stand up for herself until it is too late.

Brother #2: Schizophrenic. Refuses treatment. Tears up my mothers house. Voluntarily living on the street. Hasn't talk to me since adolescence. see previous stories

Sister: Bipolar. Selfish cunt. Expects a round-trip ticket to fly around the world free of charge every year. Expects parties to be planned and paid for in her sons honor. Nothing is good enough for her. Corrects me. Teaches her son not to say thank you. Tells her son not to yell, yells at her son so violently dogs run away.

Brother #1: cancer@25. Good guy. Victim of his cheating gf while he's working around the country but talks it out with her, over 7 years now. Relies on me for support and secrecy. It tears me up inside.

Father: Sometimes depressed. Vents to me about how he hates my mother 25 years after their divorce. Can't let it go. Overshares and yet the person I get along with the best.

Boyfriend/Friends: They are tired of hearing about it. I try to keep them out of it, but they ask. I'm tired of updating them. I am ashamed. I am getting physically sick because of this. I am shaking uncontrollably.

Me: Poor. Have student loans and Masters degree in teaching, underemployed as substitute.

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