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relationships Ehhh, shit
by nat
gfd messages
on Jul 28, 2014 09:30:53 AM

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My girlfriend's mother abuses her, but there's fucking nothing I can do about it.
Like she fucking has a concussion (four in the past three weeks... like come on) and she's not taking a day off and hasn't slowed down her rowing at all. And she is so stubborn. I can't save her, she wont let me, but she wants me too. And god fucking dammit. It'd be one thing if she actually slept at night, but she can't sleep. I feel so helpless and there's absolutely nothing I can do except help her hold on until college.
What kind of boyfriend can't keep his girlfriend safe? Oh this shitty one.

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    by Protong(whereyohead@yo)
    gfd messages
    on Sep 15, 2014 08:00:07 PM
    Be creative. Think.

    Come up with solutions, even if they're the kind you don't share on the internet.
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    Abuse must stop
    by TheWisdom(
    gfd messages
    on Sep 29, 2014 06:14:19 PM
    Accidents happen to everyone...get the message?
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    Get out now.
    by kuehnau(
    gfd messages
    on Feb 7, 2016 08:08:43 PM
    I had an Ex. Had a lot of family problems, family treated her like shit. Rwfused to stand up for herself and when O stood up for her, she got upset with me.

    Word from the wise, if she's unwilling to help herself or get help from someone else, she's already lost. Leave or she will just drag you down with her and waste your time, money and energy.

    Based on your post, I'd say it's already happening.
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