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work I can choose my own career you fucking assholes!
by DoItBecauseILoveIt
gfd messages
on Jul 5, 2015 04:35:31 PM

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My entire life people have tried to make me change my dream career to another bullshit career full of "hard work".
Every since I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and get involved in a certain career, which I'm not stating here so I can stay anonymous. People have been begging and trying to force me to change careers, full of better paying jobs in different careers that requires tons of "hard work".

Fuck this shit. People telling me I need to "work hard" in school so I can go to college and get a high paying job that requires me to "work hard" for more money. I fucking hate this shit. I just want to work in my chosen career for a living and people tell me I need to do something else that requires "hard work". I'm fucking tired of hearing this shit.

I didn't change my mind and now people try to compromise, telling me it's not all fun and games and that my chosen career is "hard work". Fuck this bullshit. I just want to be happy with my life and pay the bills. I'm tired of work ethic being shoved down my throat. I just want to go to work and do what I love, all this work ethic bullshit makes me want to stay in bed all day and collect unemployment. I don't want to go to work just to "work hard", I want to work because I like the career and pay my living expenses.

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