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people Please do not come near me.
by Hardstyle
gfd messages
on Feb 5, 2016 01:20:31 AM

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Alright, I give up. You guys were right along. Life is a shithole. and worse, my life is almost worse than the state of the world. And the world is fucking crazy.
I hate people, I hate almost everyone around me, and I hate fucking poor people even worse. I will be the most polite person and say thank you to you as you hand me back my credit card back, but if you want to "hang out" as friends, you better have a fucking car or money on you. I'm sick of all you poor fucks always asking me "hey, bro, want to go chill?" No bitch, I don't and worse, I don't want to pay for you.

I don't give a shit if I payed for you in the past, you abuse me and expect me to pay the rest. On top of that, you even stole my beers with my brother behind my back when I was drunk. Oh yeah, I was drunk as fuck and that's why I walked in out of the blue, to see if you were pouring my shit. And guess what cat in the hat, you were. So no, I don't want to hang out with people who expect me to pay for stuff, they never pay for stuff, steal my stuff behind my back, and now the last thing really ticked me off, you grabbed my girlfriends hand in a suggestive manner. No she doesn't like you like that. Your skinny, poor, and a pothead. The only reason I won't pounce on you is because your a young kid.

How did I ever get involved with poor assholes who expect me to merry go round you because your ass is too smoked up to find a job or really focus on life. I have bills, bitch. Phone, gas, food, insurance, rent, supplies, toilet paper, maintenance on my car, and then the car. Meanwhile your ass is sitting there texting all your other loser friends who want to go "chill". That's called leeching not chilling. Real adults chill with meaningful conversations about life and aspirations, not fucking smoking weed you asshat.

Oh, then there's the "gang". You know, our group of friends who aren't really friends but because I have money you guys always call me to fucking uber your ass and pay for alcohol. And if someone else does pay for stuff, they only buy enough for themselves and since we drink, I always let it slide. Well guess what f****t, I'm done. I'm literally DONE. I don't care no more. I told you because I am not a pussy to say the truth. I hope you were offended. I blocked all your numbers and snapchats. I never did like to hang out, I always felt like I was getting robbed and doing all the work. Funny thing is, none of you even have a car, and then that other bitch who does only goes to boost her own ego cause her life is shit too. Haha, I'm the only one who is truly independent.

Alright, I have that off my chest, but that's only a piece of the real fucking problem. And I am not going to say the real fucking problem. The only thing I will say is I hate all of you, yes you reading this, YOU. I hope you know I hate you. If you beg for money when I'm in traffic, I will spit on you and drive off. Stop being a poor fuck, get a god damn job and at least get stable or afford yourself. The last thing I want to see is someone asking me for money on the street. This is AMERICA BRO. Nothing is free here. I don't ask shit from you and I expect you not to ask me of anything.

The human race as we know has come to complete shit. No wonder the government doesn't care for people when they die in wars or accidents. Humans have become so devalued, that I even dislike them. And all you bystanders who just watch shit happen in front of them and don't stand up, fuck you. I know your not required to help anybody but fuck, your contributing to the problem. The current state of the world has become a god damn survival where everyone steals, lies, and robs behind your back, even your own family and friends. There's no more honor, valor, or respect. All you high corporate officers sucking the money up, some poor person is going through hell so you can drive a Mercedes and have $60 lunch. Then you have all these politicians who create proxy wars and real people are going to battle dying so some person can fulfill an agenda. Sick.

Thinking about this Earth makes me sick to my stomach. And somewhere along the lines, everyone is contributing to it. What a sad reality we live in. I would never want to bring kids into this shithole we call Earth.

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