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work Fuck you, you dirty old cunt.
by kuehnau
gfd messages
( on Feb 7, 2016 08:31:29 PM

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I work with a worthless twat.
I have this dirty old bitch at work on the same shift as me, in the same department as me.

She's lazy, slow, stupid, smells like dirty cat litter and when she talks to you, she gets close enough that you can feel her breath on your face.

She tried to get me to "work with her", but I noticed she was slow as a fucking snail as soon as I saw her. Not to mention I am a massive introvert and am very picky about who I spend time with in real life.

So she get's an attitude right away and she starts walking around work calling me a fat lazy fucker and a piece of shit. Everyone I know at work, as soon as they see me, they tell me how she's been mouthing off about me.

We already covered she's slow, stupid and lazy. Every time she gets hauled into the office to get yelled at, she tries throwing me under the bus to divert attention from her piss poor behavior and work ethics.

And of course, even the managers tell me about this shit. I tried ignoring it, but after SIX MONTHS of this bullshit I can't handle it anymore.

I manage to catch her alone ( you don't want witnesses) and tell her I know about what she's been saying and if I hear one more thing I am going to HR about her creating a toxic work environment and harassment.

Of fucking course the next day she goes to my boss abd complains that I am harassing her.

Since then she has left me mostly alone. She has been caught sleeping multiple times, but the company won't do shit about it because they are terrified of women for some reason.

You dirty, insufferable cunt. You are lucky this isn't the 30's or I would have beat you so badly the retinas would have detached from your eyes.

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