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relationships Fucking boyfriends parents suuuuuck
by thiskiss93
gfd messages
( on Mar 10, 2016 06:12:15 PM

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Basically overbearing parents that take advantage of our situation.
So love my boyfriend to death i really mean that, that man has stepped up to the plate for sure, helping me pay my bills. I even cover him when he needs the money is no issue there, but his parents are a huge problem. We have been eating out due to the fact that they dnt want us to dirty the kitchen. Yet they leave it utterly disgusting. They have little dogs and when they feed thwm its a mix of wet and dry dog food. They leave the containers of little ceaser setting out on the counter NNEXT TO THE TRASHCAN... Like really you cant throw your trash away (cans of soda left over food. Dog food in the sink...eww!) They dnt really do for themselves when it comes to cooking they eat out...alot or buy frozen dinners. So when we spend 150 in grocery's on actual food and cook in the kitchen thats if they don't suddenly have to feed the dog whoch is suppose to be done at a certain time because the poor baatard is blind..smh or suddenly clean up and do dishes..seriously of all times right the fuck now in our little maybe two person kitchen. Uh no. Get out and even worse they will eat there shit food and thwn pick over and sample our damn dinner like ya i slaved over the stove for you. I work 60 to 68 hour work weeks to buy food and feed yoir fat lazy sloppy pathetic fucls who gave me the most respectful indivdual to love i dnt understand how my boyfriwnd turned out so amazing as opposed to these aaahats. Anyway his mom is the main problem or whiney bitch queen that if anything bothers debbie and her world slightly it needs to be fixed immediatly. Bitch complains whines and cackles like a hen that laid her billionth egg, well whoopey doo lay another!!! Like if i park my car in in the drive way where cars are parked normally. You know in front of the garage?? She bitched about it im sorry i work at midnight i feel less likely to get raped if i dnt have so far to walk but her daughter can park there as long as she wonts?? Wtf!?? Im gone befor she even sees me and its a problem -_- for awhile i had to borrow there piece of shit car for a month or two it had metal shrapnel in the tire it didnt run right half the time gas gaufe didnt work correctly and i had to basicly hotwire the s.o.b. to start it. And having to air up the tire every night at midnight befor work which i dnt get home until maybe lunch? They said i had to pay for the tire and get everything fixed lmao what? Its your car i drive it not because i want to i dnt have a choice...but its my reaponsibility??? When my bf is a mechanic he told them what they needed befor the car really went down hill and they did nothing while i had to drive it! You literally got told what was wrong for free and yet nothing what was the point in asking for a diagnoses?? But they didnt have to drive it you see not an issue but i bet if it was her daughter or her precouis fucking lil stevwn her good for notbing piecw pf shit son or how about her it would be an issue of safety right??? Lol ya rifht. And everytime an issue happens with a vehicle fuess what my bf gets called constantly right as he bae comes home from working all day they nag him for answers...get off your asses and go to a fucking mechanic stop trying to get free labor and parts!!! Now they just gonna scrap there xtra vehicle. Lol they dnt take care of anything properly there skillet hadle broke so they used my skillet didnt have a problem until my only request was that it never touch the fucking dishwasher...well you know how that went. Ao i took it out of the kitchen didnt bitch about it but it took thwm months to finally get there own skillet.. actually 2 years -_- but only after i broufht my cookware out of storage what is this a pissing contest? I get something new she gets something new or similar. Now like i said with the food in the kitchen i dnt ha e a problem sharing food..but dnt invite youraelf to my haedearned meal after you ate yours and pick over my food fix yourself a damn plate and sit down eat with me have conversation and good food dnt pick off what you wanna sample or try like a whole goddamn steak and mashed tatto with gravy eat some then throigh it away that makes me want to fucking cry all that hard work wasted on a piece of shit like them!!!! No reapect they just decide they want a serving fix it and then ask for some wtf?? Thats like going into a candy store eating all the candy and then asking for a sample. And they know i cant say no know because they already have it so i never have a chance to even say do i say or do its like we arent welcome in the kitchen unless we serve them or lwt thwm know what we doing cooking like we pay rent you dnt have to know anything that im cooking honestly because that shit aint for you its for me and my fucking bf you assholes!!

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