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people Mom in law hit me with her car
by Survivor
gfd messages
( on May 2, 2017 09:40:13 PM

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Yes, she actually physically hit me with her car out of hatred and spite. This is a rant, a long time coming to a foul fucking individual.
Thanks for reading my story. First off, excuse my language...not. Second off, where to fucking begin, let me (mother in law, fyi) is hands down absolutely the most stupid, lazy, nasty, greedy, nosy, classless disgusting piece of fucking garbage that I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. She's a pill popping uneducated closet alcoholic who thrives off making the people who are still left in her life miserable. Oh, and she was also a stripper before my fil rescued her from her disgusting life choices 30+ yrs ago. Over the years, I have bent over backwards to try to please this cunt, doing every fucking thing under the sun for her so she would approve of me, even giving her nasty vile feet pedicures! All out, everything you get at a salon, pedicures! For a moment I was confused as to whom I was really married to, her or my husband?! All i did was in vain because she is just that bitter and entitled. She has gone on substance-fueled rampages, atleast twice a month, called me every name in the book, attacked me physically several times (and I mean attacked) and during one rampage in particular when she was extra intoxicated, I tried to stop her from leaving in her car, and the bitch HIT ME WITH HER CAR! She floored it down the driveway, I tumbled onto the hood, and she slammed on the brakes at the stop sign rolling me off the car into the middle of the highway!!!! Luckily I wasn't hurt.... or ran the fuck over and killed. Then what does she do? Drives her drunk doped up ass to another state to a casino, gambles away all their money in their checking account (atleast a couple grand) drives back the next day still drunk off her ass, no sleep, and had the fucking nerve to laugh and brag about what a good time she had. On top of her constantly treating me like I'm some little girl who doesn't know anything and can't do anything without her input, she just sits on her ass ALL FUCKING DAY, EVERY FUCKING DAY, plays slottomania (which she has squandered literally THOUSANDS of dollars on, on a cc that fil didn't know about) on her iPad she doesn't deserve, and just sucks the life out of everything!!! She smells like a sweaty ass construction worker because she refuses to bathe more than once a week, she digs through the trash and hordes things that we throw away, she eats all the food, she uses all the gigs of our internet up for her stupid fucking game, she gets into me and hubbys business nonstop, and sits there and just takes every little thing we do, especially things that I do, as a personal attack against her and will sulk about it like a fucking baby. She doesn't clean anything or cook, and the few times she has cooked she was constantly licking her fingers, licking all the utensils she used, poking her nasty ass fingers into everything and it nearly made me puke. So fucking disgusting I can't even put it into words. She lies to people, tells them that her whole family abuses her! Ha! She spreads rumors about me, about her own son! She tries to manipulate situations to make hubby mad at me and drive a stake between us, but he sees right through her bs and her feeble attempts to divide and conquer. Everything's about her....her her her, me me me, my my my!! She is a Münchausen syndrome fucking cunt who continuously has to make up fake ailments wrong w her so she can spend even more money at all these drs just so they can send her home, and even recommend her seeing a psychiatrist! She got a DUI last yr and has had no choice but to stay sober, her attitude has only marginally gotten better, still blames everyone else for her own self getting so fucked up off pills and wine and driving that she wrecked her vehicle. It's a wonder she hasn't killed anyone yet! And she has the nerve to demand a brand new vehicle, one of those fancy fucking four door jeep fucking wranglers! Yeah right bitch, you're out of your fucking mind!!! Completely out of control, an emotionally unstable addict of everything a person could possibly become addicted to. Not to mention all the personal items and CASH, JEWELRY that she has stolen from my husband and I! My fil just sits there and lets her do it, all of it, enabling her and it's sickening. But at least my husband is on my side because he knows how fucking crazy she is. *Attention* to anyone who's spouse chooses their parents over you: the problem will not go away, will not even come close to getting better, if the spouse with the offending parents does not stand up to them! It is an absolute must that they do so, otherwise things will continue to get worse until a) your marriage is destroyed or b) your spouse finally gets fed up and nuts up. Take my advice and tell them to take the titty out of their mouth and stick up for you! It's the right thing to do and will relieve a world of stress off your relationship and establish trust and security instead of resentment. Tell them you two are your own adult grown people, and your parents are done raising you and laying down rules for your life, it's time to take control of the situation. Some people are sooo lucky they haven't been struck down by the hand of fate yet....yet. Karma is a bitch and evil burns in hell, you fucking pig!!! Thanks for listening. The end.

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