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general Requiem for a vending machine
posted anonymously on May 5, 2018 01:37:56 AM

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No, baby, I ain't a virgin. The government fucks me every day!
Quickie here. My school has had vending machines strategically placed to allow us to buy chips, sodas, and Snickers at cheepo prices, without having to actually talk to anyone. I love this. I regularly hit up the soda machine and grab some chips while I'm at it. I went to my English class early. Figured a short walk to grab some drink. I round the corner and... Nothing. I head for the other 2 on campus. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I haven't had time to check on the far-away ones over in P.E., but that may as well be its own damn island, because of how far away it is. Rest in peace, my vending machine, my caffeine source, the one slice of comfort, of peace that I had left.

It was more than just a vending machine. It was a place to relax, hidden from the bustle. I could stay there inbetween classes, drinking my soda and munching on a snickers. I miss my anti-social hideout. I want it back.

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