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money Establish your trading career with advanced trading FIX API
by topasiafx
gfd messages
( on Feb 3, 2019 11:30:39 PM

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FIX API is still an ADVANCED trading method for saving time and money both. Now I'm gonna show with you about the importance of FIX API and how it works. Here a quick example of a broker who providing FIX API MT4 trading opportunities.

So let's start...
It is currently used mainly by the vast majority of market participants to configure machine-to-machine communication and, in fact, is very standard in the forex space.

This is the 2019 FIX API trading

The main advantages of the FIX protocol are:

- It is a very light protocol, so it allows to transfer large quantities and a high frequency of information in a very short time.

- It was created specifically for the financial industry, so it has many specific characteristics of the industry that unite the participants, essentially with a standardized language with which we can all communicate.

- Allows operators with a proprietary system to maintain their anonymous strategy for anyone who may have access to their transactions.

- Because the protocol is unified throughout the industry, it does not take much time to configure a FIX API connection

With the FIX API protocol, operators can create patented negotiation systems, such as black box algos, which can receive much information from many different sources and make business decisions based on this information. Due to the aforementioned advantages of FIX API, it takes milliseconds to receive information, analyze it and place the order.

How will retailers benefit from access to the FIX API, what are the aspects of the offer that will benefit: execution/price/ etc.?

For the first time, retailers can obtain a FIX API without meeting the generally unattainable requirements of their agent. With FIX API, retail traders can be on the same level as institutional traders. They can create their own solutions that will receive data from one or many different brokers and can serve as a single commercial interface to place orders in several places.

It's true this will definitely increase the effectiveness of the trade, since, for example, it is not necessary to load the user interface of each platform separately and work with each of them individually.

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