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relationships PBS, you've really let yourself go.
by anal0gue
gfd messages
( on Mar 10, 2003 04:37:29 PM

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Man public television, you've changed.
We never do anything new together! Its always the same. We used to have fun. And we knew how to give each other space. I know that sometimes you'll get weird and have a pledge drive. I'm cool with that. But you got needy. Now its every weekend, "I need your support." "I can't meet this goal without your help." I'm SUFFOCATING!

Look, I've given all I can.. which is nothing. You can't expect me to give any more when all I get is a whole weekend of nothing but health and financial televangialism! I mean, whatever happened to the good times? The times when you'd get me with Baker era Dr. Who, The Prisoner marathon's, and never before seen episodes of Red Dwarf? What about our special times, when it was just the two of us, staying up late sharing our secret passion for East Enders. Or those lazy sunday afternoons with only cooking shows you played just for me.. And now its The Pericone Prescription?! How many times can you give me that routine!

Well fuck it! That's it. I've had it. I can't do this anymore..

I don't know how to say this.. But you should know.. I've been seeing other channels. Mostly network. and.. a few cable. No one you'd know.

What difference does it make which network? Ok.. I saw FOX! Are you HAPPY? You knew when I met you that I like the Simpsons. Ok.. there was a little Idol and Joe Millionare, but I swear I didn't let it go any farther than that! I just experimented with it to prove to myself that I don't like it, which I don't and I'm never going to do that again.

Well maybe I wouldn't be doing this if you were just open to trying new things! I can only pretend to like the same shows so many times before I just get tired of faking it altogether.


Don't cry. Don't. Don't start evil! That's it. I'm out of here. I'll be crashing with FoodTV or Discovery. I don't know yet. Call me when you get your shit together or don't call me at all!

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