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general The pain and aggravation of PARENTS
by bean
gfd messages
on Aug 25, 2002 03:07:26 AM

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Yes, we all have them. They gave us life, a roof over our heads, food to eat and tried to instill values that would aid us throughout our existance. Then why is it that they try so hard to make your life so FUCKIN miserable?
Parents. Yeah, at one point in your life you bitch about them. Whether they abandoned you or won't leave you the fuck alone. They always seem to find some way to aggravate you.

Well my story is a pretty painful one. So I'm not going into details. My parents gave me life. Gave me brothers and sisters. Stayed together for the kids. Manipulated and betrayed all trust I had ever placed in them. And than asked to be paid.

It began innocent enough. My mother had me when she was real young and gave up school and an abusive home to be with my father, whom was 10 yrs her senior. Both their families quickly disowned them and their offspring. They didnt care and continued to have a total of 5 children while my father worked a mediocre job on the rails. Life was hard for us. We were poor. My parents fought a lot. And the only thing they instilled into me was: do well in school, that way you wont ever have to be poor. This was very important to my parents. Not to LOOK poor. Even though we could easily apply for government help we never did. But DAMN did we look good at Parent/Teacher meetings, dinners, parties, etc. Yeah that meant we went without a lot of things. BUT we looked like decent middle class folk. So this sort of ingrained in me that I should never be poor.

Fast forward to more recently.

My parents have helped put me through school, mostly with federal help. They got my furniture from the thrift store for my first apartment. They even gave me a shitty car that overheated. They tried to be helpful.

They have never approved of any of my boyfriends, because "No one is good enough for you." or "He doesnt make enough money." This ruined a lot of relationships, including friends. So needless to say, they dont really approve of my current situation.

Recently, I told them, FUCK YOU. For a lot things. It needed to be said. And I was glad I finally had the balls to say it.

My father used to call my everyday. He suddenly stopped calling. My mother would insist I call her at least once a week. I gave up on that. Than I moved across the country. No phone call "Hope you got there safe". Than my birthday comes. No fuckin card. No fuckin call. Thanks.

Than I get a letter.

"You owe us $12,000 for financing you. Please sign this and pay us the full amount in 30 days."



Uh Okay. Where the hell did this come from. So I stare at the letter and try to figure out where the hell this number came from. I mean yeah i probably owe them some gas money and maybe some cash for a futon my mom got me but $12000? You have got to be kidding me. Maybe it's money I owe them for food and clothes when i was five. Who the FUCK knows.

So i ignored it. Said to myself, "You know your parents are FUCKIN INSANE! Just ignore them and get on with your life.

Today. Today I got a letter from my sister that was complete bullshit. Filed with lies my parents were obviously feeding her. And yeah. It pissed me off. To know that my parents were that fuckin low to be bad mouthing me to my little brothers and sisters. And a letter from the parents came too. Stating: "Where is our money? It's overdue. We want it."


What fuckin idiots. No list telling me what I owe or why the fuck I owe it. No telling me where this fuckin fairy tale number came from. Just a we need some money let's fuck our kid over.

Well, Mom. Dad. FUCK YOU again. and you can talk to my fuckin lawyer.

And to the rest of you. I highly suggest watching your backs. You never know when you might owe your parents the money for your fuckin birth.

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    that is seriously dirty
    by hyperform(chris at impulse fish dot net)
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Aug 25, 2002 05:27:35 AM
    I mean, what the fuck sort of goatfucker parent goes "oh yeah, by the way... all those nice things we did for you, we were keeping a tally all this time. I think it's time to pay your tab."

    I always thought that supporting your child was part of the unwritten agreement you agree to when you decide to HAVE a child. I mean, that sounds almost as bad as just having children for the hell of it and putting them all up for adoption. "Hell, Marcia, I'm bored. Let's have another one!" "Alright, Hank! Here we go!"

    It really breaks my heart to see all these teenaged mothers walking around that I KNOW CAN'T support their child. They were just foolish and hopped into bed too easily and then the stubbornness of the teenage mind mixed with the very underdeveloped, distorted maternal instinct and they made the GREAT decision to enter themselves into a dead-end life, dooming their child to also live a dead-end life.

    To me, that just sounds ridiculous and immature to be so two-faced. "As long as you'll be our little baby and never ever ever grow up and leave the nest, we will be your best friends. But so help me God, if you EVER leave, we're hitting you for all you're WORTH." I say tell them to go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.
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    you win
    by NotLad(
    gfd messages
    on Aug 25, 2002 12:29:10 PM
    you have officially written the most god-fucking-damnit awful story of all time. i can't even lie and say that i can feel your pain. what your parents are doing to you is simply wrong (morally and legally). your parents have an obligation to support you (when you are a child). any money that they used to raise you is NOT considered a loan. the only way your parents could possibly win in court is if you signed a contract for something specific that states "i agree to pay back this loan of $xxx borrowed for xxx in xxx amount of time". if that never happened then your parents simply suck and deserve whatever hardships they are experiencing at the moment thats driving them to attempt to steal from their offspring. Damn, i'd like to have a talk with your father.
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    Fuck em
    by irni(
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSN
    on Aug 25, 2002 06:06:08 PM
    You don't owe them. Its their responsibility to finance you. No need to bring lawyers into this matter. Just keep ignoring them. They wouldn't have a chance of hell in getting help to get that money from you. Its a really sad situation and I feel for you but they are beyond out of line and you just have to say fuck em in this situation. Thats what I would do.
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    I'm sorry.
    by Gribble
    gfd messages
    on Aug 26, 2002 12:18:33 PM
    When I was thirteen, I moved out of my mother's house, into an informal foster parent situation. My mother made an agreement with the the womderful people who took me in to pay them 20$ a week for my keep.

    She paid it exactly once. For the next three years, these people fed, clothed, educated, and entertained me at their own expense. They never ever spent less on me then they did on thier biological daughter. They were far from rich, they could not afford another teenage daughter, and they went deeply into debt to save my life.

    They have never asked me, not once, for anything other than love to repay them. Once I told my foster mom that I wanted to repay her when I could, and she said "Honey, you just find another kid that needs help and you do what you can."

    I am sad for you. I hope that this wound in your family heals. I wish everyone realized how important and precious the love and trust of even a grown child is.
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    by TheChisa(come@me.bro)
    gfd messages
    on Aug 26, 2002 12:54:06 PM
    Okay, I've been through some pretty goddamn heinous shit with my folks -- having to put trade school for electronics because the care of a sickly grandmother was dumped in my 20 year old lap comes to mind -- but Jesus, your parents make me want to fucking shoot pro-lifers in the face with a shotgun full of rocksalt.

    I am not of the 'legal requirements' school of thought. Personally, I think once you give a kid life, it's all him form there. ANYTHING you do for that kid is out of the goodness of your heart, because you don't owe them anything. They have LIFE now; what more do they WANT?

    Consequently, I don't expect my kids to take care of me when I'm 70 and shitting my adult diapers in the supermarket, either. But they probably will, because even though I personally don't feel required by law to feed and clothe them, there's this thing that makes me really wanna do that anyway. You may have heard of it-- it's called LOVE.

    God damn. What the fuck is WRONG with people?
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    Oh! Oh!
    by csandy
    gfd messages
    on Sep 6, 2002 10:36:43 AM
    Send *them* a bill for some ridiculous sum and tell them they owe you money for emoitional damages incurred since your birth!!!!!!

    And talk to your sister and let her know what is really going on. :-)
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    The saga continues...
    by bean
    gfd messages
    on Aug 23, 2003 05:13:14 AM
    So it's been a year since the big "FUCK YOU". Not much has changed in the area of family realtions.

    My father finally tried to contact me during Christmas. Apparently the phone number I gave him never worked. I had set up a special ring number in order to know it was them. However, the morons at the phone company never switched it on. So I didn't know this until Christmas.

    After the phones were fixed, we spoke for a long time. Previously to all this shit, my father and I were good friends. I was hoping to restore some sort of communication. We started e-mailing each other the bullshit of our lives. Until of course we got into a debate over anniversaries. I felt anniversaries were a personal celebration, where he felt they were more of a public/personal display. My mother read the email and quickly sent back a nice little, well-versed tid bit about how I should "Shut the fuck up." I told her to mind her own damn business and stop reading her husband's email.

    A few months pass, I didn't hear from my father or anyone for that matter. I sent emails occasionally, emails being the only means of communication due to lack of addresses and phone numbers. Never get a reply. Then I sent one to my brother for his birthday. And me, being the stupid-in-a-rush-ass that I am, I mispell his name. My mother gets a hold of the email and writes me another well written note about how I should leave her son alone. I give her the same response as last time, stop controlling your god damn family and let them handle their own lives.

    So, again, no communication. My 25th birthday arrives and I'm pretty fucking happy about it. Nice big party, leaving a shitty job, world is my oyster sort of shit. I get a message on my answer machine from my father wishing me a happy 25th. Made me so god damn happy. My father gave a shit. I call him back the next day. He sounds rushed on the phone and insists he needs to call me back. In the background I can hear my mother saying, "You better not be talking to that bitch." So my father hangs up.

    I let a few days go by and I give another call. He's free to talk and has a lot to tell me. Apparently my youngest brother has recently undergone two surgeries. They found a tumor and had to remove it immediately. Then he had complications with the blood vessels and had to return for a second surgery. ... WTF? I'm in tears in the parking lot. My video-game buddy. The only fucking person that gave a shit about me when they drugged me up and dragged me to the doctors. He was the only one there holding my hand and telling me that cartoons would make it better. And they didn't have the common decency to tell me. And all I could say was, "Is he okay? What can I do?" and "Thank you. You succeeded in hurting me. Be happy." He was doing well, shaken but recovering. He also mentioned my Aunt died. Massive coronary during a party. Good way to go for her.

    So there you have it. Still being petty shitheads. The worst part is, I think they wanted something bad to happen. So they could make me feel like shit. And that is just so fucked up. If they ever read this, I hope they know this is petty cruel shit. And if you ever read this Brian, I miss you bud and take care of yourself.
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    by godisdeadasshole(
    gfd messages
    on May 12, 2008 04:09:00 PM
    yeh, GFD i know the comment is empty.. so is the commentator.
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    Holy shit
    by murdersgalore(wacking@yourfuneral.cum)
    gfd messagesMSN
    on May 12, 2008 09:16:27 PM
    I know this is old...but if after all this you, perhaps, have a few trophy corpses under your bed from your double life as a serial seems almost justified.
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