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general I can't stand stupid people
by IHateStupidPeople
gfd messages
on Apr 3, 2004 08:36:08 AM

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Bastards who cry for themselves and not for other people when they say they are crying for a person who is leaving.
You know what I can't stand? People who act "emotional", and condemn other persons such as myself for being "unemotional" and say that "I'm heartless". These people suck! I mean, not a single one of them who cry are crying for an actual issue, they're merely crying because they hope it will make them look cool in the eyes of others and make everybody ELSE love them! And then you know what's even worse? They tell me that I depend way too much on what other people think of me because I like to know how people think on certain subjects and discussions. I hate these people! How can they all be so fucking hypocritical?
Yesterday, I was at school, and this guy in my class is leaving, going to Argentina. The guy has been at my school for a year and a half, if even that. Everyone was fine with it, until yesterday at dismissal. Then two of the more popular girls in my class, who are pretty cool and were actually crying for the kid, not for themselves, begin to weep. Then all the "thug" kids join in and start going like, "I love you man" and "I hate that you're leaving" and "I'll be there for you forever", Not only is the kid a little shitbag, but every single one of these gazankstas didn't even start crying until they saw the girls crying! Why do people think that the only reason for their existence is to be popuular in the eyes of other people? GODFCKINGDAMNIT!
I hate these assholes. Every single one of them ought to be eaten by wild boars while being forced to watch a movie of Cuba Gooding Jr. Wow, I actually feel better now. Alright. By the way, kill these assholes wherever youy find them.

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