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general Late Nite TV
by VASux
gfd messages
on May 3, 2004 04:26:47 AM

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Why cable companys should pay US to watch their late night "programming."
First off, I realise the USA is a capitalist society and I'd rather live under those damn capitalists than those damn communists. However, even a capitalist pig such as myself has a limit to his tolerance for cheap foreign produced goods. Its 4 a.m. and I have a bad case of insomnia, so I decided to watch a bit of Cable.

My cable provider has a basic "programming" package consisting of 60 channels. 20 of them were infomercials, and 2 were HSN feeds. Already were up to 37% of nothing but Made in China TV. Worthless shit I wouldn't buy, even to give to someone else. Now, when we consider typical programming of network TV thats another 25% of the remaining 38 channels. Another 9.5 percent of broadcast is for taco bell and Budweiser. On a tangent, where the fuck do you find an open Taco Bell at 4am!

In total, 46.16 of the "service" I'm receiving is advertisement. My cable company should PAY ME for the privilege of advertising to me, not me paying them for the rights to watch fucking majority commercial programming (well damn close).

And to that I say GFD!

Now I feel a little better and am off to sleep.

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    welcome to gfd thumbs up
    by kraken
    gfd messages
    on May 3, 2004 07:36:31 AM
    now please put a little more thought into your next story. this one blew.
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    "sighs with boredom"
    by NATO Boy(
    gfd messages
    on May 3, 2004 10:04:36 AM
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      Although I must admit...
      by NATO Boy(
      gfd messages
      on May 3, 2004 10:08:03 AM
      I, too, am pissed with my satellite provider. The 700 channels I used to get for 30 bucks are now 100 bucks. When I switched to basic (about 25 bucks) I ended up only having 50 channels (most of them just variations of stations within different regions and with different languages.) Boo urns.
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        You do realize
        by kraken
        gfd messages
        on May 3, 2004 10:11:53 AM
        that you can edit a previous comment by using the [edit] link. There's no need to reply to your own comment just to add some actual content.
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          Once again... crybabycrybabycrybaby
          by NATO Boy(
          gfd messages
          on May 3, 2004 10:17:13 AM
          ...thanx for exploiting my Monday Morning hangover. However, I am not going to bother showing you that I know how to edit a comment since I've done it several times. Once again, kthx to kraken for his insight. Bow down to the almighy spellcheck..... er, um, I mean edit button master!
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    well kiddo thumbs up
    by bean
    gfd messages
    on May 3, 2004 01:07:10 PM
    They invented a few items to overcome this horrific dilemma. VCRs, DVD players, video game machines and this crazy thing called TIVO. Better yet, why not down a bottle of Nyquill and call it a night.
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    While the subject is worthy gold starthumbs up
    by Gribble
    gfd messages
    on May 3, 2004 01:09:45 PM
    You really should consider actually exploring it a bit.
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    Don't dis Taco Bell
    by Maltandbagels(
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSN
    on May 20, 2004 01:30:55 PM
    that shit will make you get up at 4am if you dont pop some tums.
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